Our Accomplishments
[Straits Times Feature] From music-makers to money-makers

[Straits Times Feature] From music-makers to money-makers

August 29, 2009Category: Our Accomplishments

Express In Music links up musicians with individuals or companies looking for original songs. Clients seeking music can submit a request to a pool of musicians. Interested musicians will submit demo tapes to the clients, and the clients pay a stipulated fee for the recordings. Clients have ranged from TV channel looking for songs for an advertiser and a mother who wanted to encourage her son in his studies.

“Why don’t we get local musicians together to do this? I feel they lack opportunities currently,” said Jerry Chen.

Besides giving musicians a chance to showcase their talents, the company arranges meet-ups for its pool of musicians based in Singapore. Express In Music hopes to bring about a change in the local music industry and help musicians with monetary awards.

Today, it has expanded to providing audio branding and background music for businesses throughout South East Asia (i.e. restaurants, retailers, hotels, spas, shopping malls) through Express Melody.


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