Restaurant Music System

Express Melody provides cost-saving restaurant music systems & audio branding solutions (inclusive of background music, jingle and voiceover insertion).

Background Music for Restaurants

Create a memorable dining experience for your customers and differentiate from your competitors with the right background music for restaurants.

We ensure a one-time-only, fuss-free installation of our high-quality audio, original background music (BGM) system, which integrates into your current or new set-up of speakers and amplifiers.

Restaurants Music System

Food & Beverage F&B

With an array of food choices, how do consumers choose to return to your outlet and not another competitor’s?

Besides excellent taste, the background music offers a dining experience comfortable to sit in for an extra drink or two.

Ensure consistent volume of music throughout different zones such as the main seating area, washroom, kitchen and entrance.

Integrates into existing cabinet or ceiling speakers. Easily paired with new audio systems.

F&B Clients include Popeyes, Delifrance, Watami.

We also provide background music for retailers, hotels, Relaxing Spa Music and shopping malls.


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