Background Music for Retail Stores

Express Melody provides background music for retail stores. Improve your customer experience and increase sales with professionally curated playlists.

Retail Industry

A quarter of retail businesses agree that they would lose business if they turned the music off. Create the ideal atmosphere and decrease pace of in-store traffic with the right tempo and volume of music.

Retailers Music System


The only edge an offline retailer has over online shopping is the ability to enhance a shopper’s experience and leverage on psychological benefits through sensory marketing. A professionally curated sound ambience adds a desired touch to put customers in the mood of buying.

Our tracks are fully licensed for commercial use. Pick the right songs to play at different times of the day, through a centralised audio management system.

Some retail clients include Charles & Keith, Pedro, Crocs.

We also provide background music for restaurants, hotels, Relaxing Spa Music and shopping malls.


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