Voiceovers, Marketing Messages

Express Melody provides professional voiceovers, jingles, marketing, on-hold messages and other voice productions for effective marketing communication.

Why is it important?

Voice overs are effective at conveying a message. However, it is only impactful when the right words are emphasised as words can strike a chord in someone and stir up strong interest in your brand and product/service you are offering.

Voiceovers, Marketing Messages

How can Voice Overs Help in Sales?

Moreover, producing a professional voice recording is equally important as voice overs are a representation of your brand and company and, portraying one of quality speaks volumes to viewers.

In addition, hiring an experienced voice over talent is also crucial as these talents have in depth knowledge and voice training to bring extra sales through his/her voice.

PreviewGuardian - Enthusiastic Promotional In-Store Message
PreviewCK Department Store - Promotional In-Store Message
PreviewSentosa - Energetic Introduction to 4D Adventureland

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