Music can influence moods by affecting the physical environment guests are in and has many applications in the hospitality industry. 

Hotel guests want to be relaxed and feel comfortable in a foreign place. Music that has a calming effect and relieve tension can be an effective, subtle and inexpensive tool in making your guests feel more at home. 

Express Melody will provide the optimal music selection to improve guest satisfaction through an improved ambience.

Entrust us to achieve this with our professional music curators who will handpick tracks according to the brand identity and target demographic of the hotel.

Enhanced Ambience for Guests

75% of hotel guests
like to hear music  in the lobbies, bars, restaurants and public spaces1

Express Melody for Hotels.

In-store audio management.

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Background music for hotels.

Express Melody can assist hotels in enhancing guest experience and attain brand management control.

1Research was conducted by VisionCritical in April 2012 among 1,000 UK businesses and Entertainment Media Research in 2009 among 2,000 UK consumers. EMR also conducted the research in 2010 among 400 small retailers, hairdressers, offices and factories.

Express Melody can ease the brand management process.

We ensure a more consistent guest experience throughout all hotels and save logistic costs on audio distribution.

Our platform allows management HQ centralized control of the audio in all locations.

Choose from our diverse library of music curated for use in hotels. Change the music anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection. 

Ground staff without proper permissions will not able to change the music.

Only 1-time installation
Patented cloud computing system to pipe-in music. No CD or MP3 players.
Timeslot feature
No more manual changing.
Automate which playlists to play at desired times of the day.
Total control
Get an overview of what all your hotels are playing. Be alerted when devices go offline.

Attain Brand Management Control

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78% of hotel guests
who like music in hotels agree that it makes them feel more relaxed1