Music is well known as a mood enhancer and has been widely used in retail to create a relaxed environment for shoppers.

When shoppers appreciate the atmosphere, they stay longer in-store and naturally tend to browse more, and buy more items.

Express Melody will provide the optimal music selection for all stores to improve customer & even staff satisfaction through an improved retail environment.

Entrust us to achieve this with our professional music curators who will handpick tracks to enhance the ambience and assist retailers to achieve greater in-store sales potential.

Enhanced Ambience for shoppers

60% of customers
who like music in-store would spend more time in a shop if they hear music they like1
99% of staff 
who work in stores without music think that retail stores that play music tend to be more modern and appealing places to shop²
11.5% more time spent in-store
by customers when music was being played compared to no music³
54% more time spent in-store
by customers when customized music was being played compared to normal music³

Express Melody for Retail.

In-store audio management.

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More than just background music in-store.

Express Melody can assist retailers in enhancing shopper experiencemaximize revenue potential and attain brand management control

1Research was conducted by VisionCritical in April 2012 among 1,000 UK businesses and Entertainment Media Research in 2009 among 2,000 UK consumers. EMR also conducted the research in 2010 among 400 small retailers, hairdressers, offices and factories.

2Research was conducted by RED in May 2013 with 1397 staff of of a UK travel company (x1042 surveys completed by staff at stores that play music, x337 surveys completed by staff at stores that do not play music.)

³Research was conducted by Express In Music in 2013 for a multinational conglomerate retail store in Singapore.

Express Melody can ease the brand management process.

We ensure a more consistent shopping experience throughout all stores and save logistic costs on audio distribution.

Our platform allows management HQ control of the audio in all outlets. 

Change the music anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection. 

Ground staff will not be able to switch the music to their own preference, which can be detrimental to brand image if inappropriate music is played.

Only 1-time installation
Patented cloud computing system to pipe-in music. No CD or MP3 players.
Timeslot feature
Besides marketing message placement, automate which playlists to play at desired times of the day.
Total control
Get an overview of what all your stores are playing. Be alerted when devices go offline.

Set individual stores to play different music to cater to different target audiences at different regions.

Attain Brand Management Control

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