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Express Melody provides audio branding solutions that maximizes revenue with brand recall optimization.

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What we do

Express Melody provides background environmental music for business location. With a compact streaming device installed at your premises, you can enjoy access to an extensive library of professionally catalogued music, all stored in our dedicated cloud server. Avoid paying expensive public performance licenses with our original music.

F&B, retailers, malls, Relaxing Spa Music and hospitality (hotels and spas) industry players had achieved:

Higher sales through a professionally curated ambient sound experience

Increased productivity and convenience with our automated music system

Costs savings and legal assurance through our international music licensing program

Established in 2009, the group is the only ASEAN ICT awardee that streams more than 100,000 original licensed content on this exclusive platform to thousands of physical outlets regionally

Our Service and Solution

  • Cost Effective - Up to 60% savings (*from USD$120), avoid expensive public performance music licenses.
  • Better Control - Online system monitoring. Only business owner or manager controls the music; outlet staff needs permission to access.
  • Easier - Plug & play solution with centralized music management.
  • Faster - Auto daily music update and offline cache backup.
  • More Efficient - No player maintenance, CD swapping, Logistic & storage FREE.
  • Fresh - Over 100 genres and playlists, more than 10,000 talented musicians beyond 100,000+ tracks.

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  • Get in touch with us for a FREE consultation and trial worth more than $600* (terms & conditions apply with a limit to 10 trials a month based on first-come-first-serve basis)
  • How to manage your in-store guest experience and to bring in more customers offline through controlling the right type of music ambience at different timeslots through the day.
  • Learn how music technology can conveniently save you time away from traditional manual CD/MP3 player and also at the same time professionally stream legal licensed content.

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